Music Technology

Work alongside producer John Kettle in an industry recording studio. Using industry standard equipment, you will learn how to produce and engineer music and how to create and build your own recording studio. You will also be taught how to set up a live performance space using front of house and monitor engineering.

Levels & Qualifications

Level 2 Combined


Our full-time Level 2 Combined Course is a mixture of both Music Performance & Technology, giving the learner a taste of both subjects before choosing a 

specific pathway.

Level 2


 If you're interested in Music and wanting a place to start, our full-time level 2 course is perfect for those wanting to explore their talents and to gain confidence before moving onto Level 3. 

Level 3


Give your passion for music a kick start on our full-time Level 3 Technology course, here you can learn new skills, work along side other musicians and gain the confidence to record professionally, along with this you will earn UCAS points for University and work on your CV for future employment.


Additional Information

 All of our qualifications are fully funded for 16-18's & 19+

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